Feeling Down

Alright so I haven’t been posting for awhile. I’ve been really busy.. This is a blog so I might as well say what I’ve been busy doing. I’ve been doing a lot related to my YouTube channel like editing and what not, and I’ve kinda been in a good mood lately so I haven’t felt the need to post. I think people hearing about my problems can help them get through there’s opposed to everything good in my life.

Anyway, today is kinda just one of those days where I’m bored and a little depressed. But I’m fine. What’s new? Well I got accepted into this amazing school where in 3 years I’ll get my high school diploma and an associates degree. So that’s great. I’m really eager to meat the people there, assuming they’re all more mature than most. Not to mention to jocks or cheerleaders.

I’m really hoping to meet someone who I can really get along with and be happy with. Someone who shares a lot of the same opinions as me. I’ve never had anyone truly understand who I am but I’ve had some gfs that were close to that. I’m not desperate for a girlfriend, I’m desperate for the one. I’m 15 and already ok with meeting my soul mate. I’m not a party-er anyone so why “mess around” with girls? Well I’m really tired I just thought I should get something posted.

One love


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