First post

     We I just wrote about 5 full paragraphs and lost it all. Back to writing I suppose. My name is Kacey, I’m 15 years old and live with my mom in the U.S. This is probably going to sound pretty dry because I have to re-write it but oh well. I’m really lazy, I eat, sleep, watch TV, and go to school. That’s about it. Some gaming, some guitar, usually friends’ on the weekends, but who really wants to hear about that? I have a lot of internal issues, plenty is going on in my mind. I’ve had a constant headache for 6 years just from over thinking. Social anxiety, a ton of issues with my dad, lost in life wondering where I’ll end up, pretty unhappy. Sounds like a great life right? Nah, but I don’t plan on complaining and whining about my terrible life. I hope to hear from a lot of you and try to make my life better. I’ve been happy and I know how to stay happy I just don’t know which route to take. Anyway, I’ll stop there, I hope you all enjoy hearing about my corrupt mind and life and how far I am from socially acceptable.


5 thoughts on “First post

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂 I’d rather be far from socially acceptable than be a cloned bimbo. 15 is a tough age. Kids are cruel. Honestly, your best years are ahead of you! Popular kids will eventually turn into losers. Take it from me, I’m pretty cool and in college now! lol 🙂
    Happy Travels,

  2. You sound perfectly acceptable to me. Revel in your uniqueness. This and/or a private journal are great ways to sort through the questions and issues of life. I started keeping a journal when I was in 7th grade. I wrote every emotion, secret, etc. in it. When I look back at it as an adult, my heart breaks for that confused young lady because I know now what I didn’t know then. I know that all I can do is be myself and surround myself with positive people. As a result, I turned out just fine. Not normal (which for me would be boring), but fine.
    I still have social anxiety, but I’ve learned how not to show it and how to make the best of social situations. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Welcome to our community!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts :)) Many blessings on your new social adventure :))
    Happy Blogging

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