So apparently blogging isn’t so much of my thing due to extreme mood changes. Until I’m ready to open up about my life again I’m going to post (here and on tumblr) inspirational sort of passages. I really want to test myself and all of you to see if I can open your minds up beyond what you know. I want to convince you that most of you probably aren’t as free as you think you are. That’s the main idea, freedom and happiness. This all comes natural to me and helps me with just naturally enjoying almost everything in life. Feedback on the idea?? And some Tumblr support would be great. I’ll make it by tomorrow.

One love



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Feeling Down

Alright so I haven’t been posting for awhile. I’ve been really busy.. This is a blog so I might as well say what I’ve been busy doing. I’ve been doing a lot related to my YouTube channel like editing and what not, and I’ve kinda been in a good mood lately so I haven’t felt the need to post. I think people hearing about my problems can help them get through there’s opposed to everything good in my life.

Anyway, today is kinda just one of those days where I’m bored and a little depressed. But I’m fine. What’s new? Well I got accepted into this amazing school where in 3 years I’ll get my high school diploma and an associates degree. So that’s great. I’m really eager to meat the people there, assuming they’re all more mature than most. Not to mention to jocks or cheerleaders.

I’m really hoping to meet someone who I can really get along with and be happy with. Someone who shares a lot of the same opinions as me. I’ve never had anyone truly understand who I am but I’ve had some gfs that were close to that. I’m not desperate for a girlfriend, I’m desperate for the one. I’m 15 and already ok with meeting my soul mate. I’m not a party-er anyone so why “mess around” with girls? Well I’m really tired I just thought I should get something posted.

One love


     My last post was extremely dull because I had to re-write a summary of my depression and I didn’t feel up to including all the details.

     This time I’ll just try to focus on one thing. Today’s mood? Sure. Today was the last day of my freshman year, not very exciting. It wasn’t like 8th grade when I was saying bye to people I had known for 10 full years. Even with a full year at this school, I didn’t really like anyone. I got along with people just fine, I always do. I fit into any crowd because of my many interests and I hate to say it, but the fact that I know so much about anything that might come up in conversation or I can at least relate to it. So to correct yesterday’s misleading post, I have social anxiety but it doesn’t really affect me that much. I can handle it all very well, especially when I got comfortable with certain friends. And that’s another thing, I didn’t really relate to the people at school like I do with my good friends from my old school. I really like the emo/gothic scene and the indie scene. And by emo I’m not just referring to the people who cut, as long as they’re into the culture. Same with indie, they don’t have to smoke dope and protest against GMOs and eating meat. The issue with that is there was hardly anyone at that school interested in either of those cultural backgrounds. That in itself is an issue. (not sure if I included this but I’m a male.) On the other hand, I can’t stand jocks and/or preps. They drive me insane sometimes, at least the ones at school. Seeing a group of teenage girls take a group picture while squealing or a group of teenage guys just being loud punks in class with no regard for anyone but themselves really annoys me. And I’m far from a hateful person. I try my hardest to keep “hate” out of my vocabulary when thinking or talking about people. I try to accept and understand everything and everyone. I’m a very tolerant person when it comes to things like this. A school full of just hippies, just jocks, or any group would just be ridiculous. I see how everyone interacts to make a society but I don’t think that excuses immaturity, which is what gets at me.

Well I’ll shut up for today, that was mostly about my opinions not how I am personally but I’ll get to that soon.

One love.

First post

     We I just wrote about 5 full paragraphs and lost it all. Back to writing I suppose. My name is Kacey, I’m 15 years old and live with my mom in the U.S. This is probably going to sound pretty dry because I have to re-write it but oh well. I’m really lazy, I eat, sleep, watch TV, and go to school. That’s about it. Some gaming, some guitar, usually friends’ on the weekends, but who really wants to hear about that? I have a lot of internal issues, plenty is going on in my mind. I’ve had a constant headache for 6 years just from over thinking. Social anxiety, a ton of issues with my dad, lost in life wondering where I’ll end up, pretty unhappy. Sounds like a great life right? Nah, but I don’t plan on complaining and whining about my terrible life. I hope to hear from a lot of you and try to make my life better. I’ve been happy and I know how to stay happy I just don’t know which route to take. Anyway, I’ll stop there, I hope you all enjoy hearing about my corrupt mind and life and how far I am from socially acceptable.